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  • It will be the parent's responsibility to contact Skool Runner if a pickup or drop off changes on the scheduled day.  Please notify us ASAP to confirm if we can make the route adjustment.

  • Please have your child ready at the predetermined pickup time. This will ensure that the van stays on schedule.

  • The driver will not leave until the child is safely inside the drop off location.

  • A safe arrive text will be sent when child is dropped off at the predetermined location.

  • The driver will not leave the van unattended at any time with children on board.

  • The driver will not accept any itinerary changes upon arrival.  

  • Vans are equipped with a mobile phone. This is to ensure we have direct communication with the driver. If a parent needs to contact their child, please call the 281-801-7488 and they will contact the driver.



  • Students must be seated at all times while the van is moving.

  • Students must wear seat belts when the van is moving.

  • Students are required to sit in a child booster seat according to their weight/height as required by Texas Department of Public Safety.

  • No fighting, arguing, or physical contact with other children or the driver.

  • Bullying other students is not tolerated.

  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the shuttle unless authorized by parent & Skool Runner.

  • Students will respect the driver and each other.


  • Drivers are expected to perform in a professional manner at all times.

  • Driver will provide a safe transportation experience as possible.

  • Drivers will treat all students with respect.

  • Drivers are required to have a criminal background check before driving a van with children.


  • Vans will be equipped with hand sanitizer.

  • All vans are maintained, cleaned, washed and vacuumed on a weekly basis or sooner.

  • Vans are inspected by a state licensed mechanic on a regular basis.

  • Vans are checked daily to ensure the highest quality of safety and security.

  • Vans are equipped with seat belts, shoulder harnesses, GPS, first aid kits, fire extinguisher and booster seats.

  • Vans utilize backup cameras for safety reasons.


  • All payments must be received before services begin. You may choose to pay weekly or monthly to reserve your child’s seat.

  • All tuition fees will be drafted on the 1st of each month for monthly pay clients and weekly on Friday's for weekly pay clients (If a different draft date is desired please let us know).

  • No fees will be refunded in the event of daily absences, sickness, or of a school closing.

  • If a payment has not been made as agreed, Skool Runner reserves the right to cancel transportation service due to non payment.


Pick Up/Drop Off Weather Emergencies

  • ​Skool Runner reserves the right to cancel service due to weather emergencies issued by Fort Bend ISD and County officials.  We will make every attempt to provide transportation services as long as it is safe to do so. 


  • From time to time Skool Runner may run late due to circumstances that are out of the driver's control, such as a late student, weather, traffic conditions or change in school dismissal time.  Although we make every attempt to keep on schedule, we also use every precaution to ensure your child's safety. Our drivers will not speed to make up for lost time. ​

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